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Frequently asked questions

What is your Mission?

At jamskate.com we are focused on the future, while remaining true to our past. Our mission is to promote jam-skating across through the globe by featuring videos of the newest moves, styles, and trends, while also providing a place where the history of the sport will be maintained. We want provide an online stage for skaters to exhibit their skills to a worldwide audience as well as offer access to content that is historically significant to skaters.

What is your background?

Our organization is run by the founders of the the sport we know as jam-skating. We have been involved in the sport since it's inception in 1997. It was our skaters that organized the first jam-skating teams back in the early 90's and coined the term "Jamskate" which has since been used to define the sport. Many of us are still heavily involved in jam-skating and wish to be a part of it's continued advancement.

How do I Register?

Our site is 100% free. While most of our content is available to the public we do require an account to watch certain videos, upload content, or post comments. Registering fo an account is easy and quick. Just click on the "register" link at the top right corner and fill in your info. After that, check your email for the conformation email and click on the activation link. IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO CHECK THE SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE LINK IN YOUR INBOX!

How can I Help?

You can help us grow the sport by spreading the word and doing what you do best..skating. We want new skate footage from everyone whether they are a beginner or pro. If you have skate video from session, outdoor, competition, practice, or just messing around on skates we want to give everyone a chance to see it. (Please contact us if you are a content creator and are interested in having your own section on the website.)

How do I Upload a video?

Adding video is easy:

1. first, if you do not have a youtube.com account, create one for yourself. You can usually just sign up with an existing gmail account.

2. record yourself skating with a video camera or cellphone and post it to your youtube.com account.

3. go to jamskate.com and log in. then click the link the says "Suggest a Video" below you name at the top right.

4. on the following page you will copy and paste the link from your youtube video and that's it!

Where's my video?

We have a lot of video that is not on the site yet. We are working hard to upload every video we have in our archive. This might take a while, so be patient and keep checking back as we add content from past years.

How do I Contact you?

If you have any questions or comments use the "contact us" link on the website.

I hope you enjoy the site and Keep Skating,

Chris Gehret